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50 Plus Club

Vestal Central's 50 Plus Club

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Dear Fellow Classmates,

Our organization, the 50-PLUS Club, was started in 2007 by a group of people who attended Vestal Central High School. The purpose of our club is to plan and organize an annual reunion for the combined graduation classes of fifty years or more. With donations and fund raising efforts resulting from our reunion we have set up a scholarship at Vestal Central High School to provide funding for students who plan tofurther their education.

The 50-Plus Club committee consists of approximately 15 people who meet bi-monthly. In order to accomplish our goals we have formed sub-committees including the following: treasurers, secretaries, welcome committee, facility committee, emergency service, food, and scholarship committees, under the guidance of Chairman, Dick Lloyd, and assistant Chairman, Roger Westgate.

Through our combined efforts and shared commitment, we hope to have continued success in making every reunion a day to share and remember for years to come.
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