School Tax Bills
We were notified that some Apalachin residents have not gotten their 2021-22 school tax bills in the mail. They were taken to the post office on August 31, 2021.
If you did not receive your school tax bill, you can contact Deb Wallace at 754-3369 or go to to get information.  School taxes are due by October 1, 2021 to avoid a 2% penalty.

Voice Recognition
First Day at Vestal Hills
A mother and father walk their daughter up the Vestal Hills Elementary steps on the first day of school, September 9, 2021.
First Day of School at Glenwood
Two boys sit on either side of a stuffed brown bear on the bench in the Glenwood Elementary School lobby on the first day of school 2021.
First Day at Clayton Avenue
A Clayton Avenue Kindergarten student with pink bows on her pig tails stands in front of the school bus on the first day of school.
Red Carpet Welcome at Vestal High School
Students travel up a red carpet flanked by green and gold balloons and waving teachers as they arrive for the first day of school on September 9, 2021.
2021 Ninth-grade/New Student Orientation
A large group of Vestal High School ninth-graders and their upperclassmen mentors gather in front of the Golden Bear statue during New Student Orientation.
African Road Popsicles on the Playground!
Two African Road Elementary boys about to enter Kindergarten bond during the school's Popsicles on the Playground event on August 26, 2021.
Tioga Hills Kindergarten Orientation
Two Kindergarten boys stand in front of a Vestal School Bus.


Free School Meals for 2021-22
Due to a grant, breakfast and lunch meals are free to all students this school year. Based on household income, by completing the application for Free/Reduced Meals included in your 2021-22 Parent Calendar & Resource Guide, your children may be entitled to receive other benefits in the school district and the community. See this news article for more information... 

Back-to-School Planning for 2021-22
We understand that many families have been awaiting an update on what the 2021-22 school year will look like for students and staff. Along with other districts in the area and across the state, we have been awaiting promised guidance from the NYS Department of Health. However, last week we were notified that NYSDOH would not be issuing any guidance or directives for schools. 

In light of this, we have mobilized our Steering and Subcommittees and are working together as a District, and as a BOCES with other area school superintendents, to discuss what school will look like in the coming year. We will be following Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and 
along with working closely with our Broome County Health Department.
While we hope to be able to communicate a finalized plan as soon as possible, here's what we know as of August 11, 2021... Our focus will be on having students in our buildings five days a week when the school year opens on September 9, 2021. Face coverings will very likely be required to some degree in our schools - most likely inside and less likely outside. It also appears that vaccination status will have no bearing on this requirement for occupants in our schools. We have created a Back-to-School 2021-22 web page that will provide access to District decision-making committee planning, AAP and CDC resources and more. As always, all new information will go out first by SchoolMessenger, and then be posted on this web page as well as the District's official Facebook pages.

Shared from the Broome County Health Department...
Pfzier is currently the only vaccine approved for children ages 16 - 17. The District was notified that the Broome County Health Department has a number of appointments now available on its website. Please follow this link for more information. 


District News

Importance of COVID-19 Testing
Please see this important message regarding the process for establishing screening/testing procedures and logistics for unvaccinated employees.
Updates at ARE and VMS
Please click through for a photo slideshow of updates at the African Road Elementary/Vestal Middle School complex.
Vaccine Status from Broome County Health Department
The District has received this statement on vaccine status from the Broome County Health Department and wanted to share this update.
Childcare Availability in Broome County
Please see a list of child care sites with availability in Broome County. Per New York State requirements, this listing will be updated as information is received from Broome County. In addition, there is a link to a parent need survey, and the results are shared with the Office of Family & Child Services.

Upcoming Events

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