Vestal Central School District's School Bus fleet achieves a perfect score!

The New York State Department of Transportation conducts regular inspections of all school buses in the state during its fiscal year, which is April to March. Vestal CSD Transportation Supervisor Kenneth Starr is pleased to share that the Vestal Central School District bus fleet passed all NYS DOT inspections for April 2017 – March 2018 with a 100 percent pass rate! 

“We congratulate those operators who have achieved the goal of a 90 percent or greater pass rate,” said Lawrence Sotto, director of the Passenger Carrier Safety Bureau, in a letter to the District dated May 9, 2018. “Your commendable performance indicates a strong dedication to safety, and a commitment to sound maintenance standards and practices.”

Mr. Starr is finishing up his first year as Transportation Supervisor for the Vestal Central School District. “Something to celebrate,” he said when reporting the results to school district administrators, “knowing our students are on the safest buses possible.”

Vestal Central School District school buses are maintained by a dedicated group of seven mechanics, who also maintain the District’s Facilities and Operations’ vehicles. Head Mechanic Mike McCann leads a team that includes mechanics Joel Baker, Matt Darrah, Steve Darrah, Tom Delgado, Jim Santucci and Senior Stores Clerk Tom Marcello. Altogether, they have over 132 years of experience with the District!

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