Welcome to Vestal Central School District. Our school district is committed to providing every opportunity for learners to achieve. I believe that student learning encompasses every aspect of the whole student - intellectual and physical wellness, as well as social and emotional attributes.

As superintendent of the Vestal Central School District, I find myself being proud of so many aspects of our schools. Our students, parents and staff are exceptional. The past success of our school district is a result of the continuous efforts of our students, parents, community and school staff.

With strong community support and a wide array of resources, we are building a school system that ensures every student graduates prepared to work and live in a global society. Our Board of Education and our staff support a culture that teaches and reinforces discovery and creativity, strong interpersonal skills, self-discipline and independence, as well as cooperation and teamwork.

I am looking forward to a great school year full of wonderful opportunities for our students. Thank you for your support of our children.

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