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Vestal High School students in SADD answer Clayton Avenue Elementary School students' questions about Red Ribbon Day. A Vestal High School SADD member sits among fourth-graders she has just given red ribbons to and shared the message of making good decisions that Red Ribbon Day stands for. Four Vestal High School girls in the SADD club pose for a photo with four Glenwood Elementary first-graders that they just gave red ribbons to on Red Ribbon Day. Three members of Vestal High School's YES Leads team stand for a group photo with three young elementary students holding their red ribbons at African Road Elementary. A fourth-grade Clayton Avenue student holds her red ribbon after hearing a message about making good choices from the Vestal High School YES Leads students. Members of Vestal High School's SADD club hold a banner outside of Tioga Hills Elementary that reads "Tioga Hills is proud to be Drug-free" after distributing red ribbons to the students there. A member of the Vestal High School SADD club poses for a photo with two Glenwood Elementary students at their desks holding the red ribbons she just gave them for Red Ribbon Day. Three Vestal High School students from the YES Leads team join a group of five Vestal Hills Elementary students holding their red ribbons for a photo on Red Ribbon Day.
Vestal HS SADD & YES Leads students share Red Ribbon Day theme "Your Future is Key, so stay Drug-free" with elementary students
Vestal Central School District News
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Information on the proposed Capital Improvement Project
Click the link above to access information on the Capital Improvement Project proposal to be presented to residents of the Vestal Central School District on December 12, 2017. 
National Merit Commended Students and Scholarship Semifinalists
Vestal High School announces 2018 Semifinalists and Commended Students, as recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Program. 
Nominations accepted for Vestal Hall of Fame
The Vestal Hall of Fame Committee is currently seeking nominations for the Hall of Fame. Nominations received by October 30, 2017, will be considered for the 2018 Vestal Hall of Fame. 
Tax Collection Update
As previously communicated in the annual budget newsletter, the 2017 school taxes will be collected by Broome Country's Real Property Tax Service. Please click the above link for more information. 
Upcoming Events
School Board Meeting
Tue Oct 24 2017
ARE/VMS Blood Drive
Wed Oct 25 2017
School Board Meeting
Tue Nov 14 2017